Things you can consider to help boost your cash flow and push your investment properties that little bit further.

Build a secondary dwelling – Dual occupancy options are one way you can bring in a second or higher rental income that can be very significant in boosting your cash flow.

Whether it be a simple Granny Flat or a second separate dwelling, it does come with an initial cost outlay as well as potential higher turnover with tenants who, in close quarters, may not always get along. To that end, our Integrity Shield Screening Process is an essential element in screening suitable tenants. You should also consider how to split billing costs such as through a meter and how to provide both tenants with as much privacy as possible. You will need to consider extra costs for plumbing, electricity and any landscaping or driveways that may need to be added. Council approval varies from local government area to local government area. Work out your calculations carefully to see if it will be worthwhile and contact us to help you check online rental listings to see how many other similar properties are being rented in the area.

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