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We’re a friendly bunch.

There's a reason we call ourselves The Rental Experts. Founded by landlords who saw an opportunity to lift the industry standard, our goal is to offer more for people who want guidance and support with maximising their property investments.

It's one thing to work with a property manager, it's another thing entirely to work with a property investment expert. Our team are not only trained above industry standard, they prioritise relationship building and communication with their clients. Our business is founded on long-term partnerships and referrals, so the best marketing we can do is to provide you, our client, with exceptional service, advice and results.

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Who you’ll work with.

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Russell Kirby

General Manager
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Jane Benson

Business Manager
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Melissa Bridgens

Senior Property Manager

What we stand for.

  • Property management is all we do.
  • We protect and maximise the long-term value of property assets.
  • We are innovative and transparent with our investors.

It's our goal to increase the property value for our investors through education, effective communication and proactive attitude.

It's our promise to partner with investors to achieve long-term value growth for individual properties or a portfolio of properties. We have a team of highly experienced and proactive investment experts who understand what it takes to maximise rental yield over and above industry standard.

The proof.

The proof.

We’re not in the real-estate business.
We’re in the property investment business.

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