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Property management – Your property manager needs to be your source of all knowledge for the local area and what tenants want and need. They can also help you know whether your strategy is feasible. Their expertise can be the difference between your property sitting vacant or having a long-term tenant. Here at The Rental Experts, we pride ourselves on being the best and we make sure you only get the best tenant available. 

Ask the following questions of your current property manager before embarking on any cash flow boosting techniques:

1. Is there a strong demand in the rental market for my type of Property?

2. What is the forecast for the market?

3. Are you seeing any changes in vacancies or rental prices?

4. What demographic is renting in this area?

5. What type of strategies are other investors employing to boost Rent?

6. In terms of quality and desirability, where does my property sit in this area?

Use these answers to help determine key elements about how you can more effectively manage your property.

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