Things you can consider to help boost your cash flow and push your investment properties that little bit further.

Make your rental pet-friendly – Being open to allowing prospective tenants a rental situation, where the response from other landlords is a flat out refusal, might not only be more attractive to tenants but they may also be willing to pay a premium for it. Never is this situation more crucial than with pet-friendly rentals.

Allowing your tenant to have a pet will not only make your property stand out, it can also help to entice many tenants to stay for longer and ensure minimal vacancies.

When looking to make your rental property pet friendly, consider the following:

• Is your rental property fenced?

• What information does the tenant have about their pet?

• How many other pet-friendly rentals are there in the area?

Investment Property Owner Tip: In Queensland, you cannot ask for a pet bond. You can however include clauses in the lease agreement that the tenant will have the carpets steam cleaned and treat the home for pests before they leave. You can also include terms in the contract that the pets are kept outside.

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